The ONwheel makes an e-bike out of your favourite bike within seconds. It is tiny, lightweight and very powerful and can just be plugged in onto your normal bike.


The go-e ONwheel motor is environmentally friendly. With this additional drive unit it will be much easier to leave the car in the garage and go to work by bike. You can mount and demount the motor from your bike in just five seconds! The motor only engages when you are pedalling, otherwise it does not touch your wheel. It is the ideal supplement for your bike because you can now use your favourite bike as an e-bike whenever you want!

Plug&Play Installation
Plug&Play Installation

With the ONwheel motor you are much more flexible than you are with a conventional e-bike. You just mount it when you would like to drive with additional power; otherwise you can leave it at home or turn it off. You can adjust the amount of additional power with buttons on your handlebars or turn it off completely. Sensors are detecting if you are pedalling, and if yes, the motor engages and drives your rear wheel with up to 800W of additional power.