The friction drive

The ONwheel is a friction roller drive, or in other words it acts directly on the rear wheel. With this technology, the ONwheel is ideally suitable for the Plug&Play system we developed, which allows you to pull the engine off the bike in seconds. So you can decide before each trip whether you want to go on tour with or without motor.

In non-operating state, the ONwheel is folded away from the wheel and is freeing the back wheel. Thus, the resistance of the bike does not increase and you can continue to go with your bike over 25km/h also without the engine. The ingenious thing is, you do not have to worry about anything, the ONwheel folds without your help to the wheel and also away again, almost as by ghost hand.


The motor

All parts that make up the ONwheel engine are milled and anodized from a high-quality aluminum alloy CNC. The screws are made of stainless steel and all cables as well as the electronics are sealed so that the motor is completely waterproof. This makes the go-e ONwheel engine extremely sturdy and this is also necessary, because under your bike sometimes it can be quite hard.

The battery

The ONwheel comes with a modern lithium ion battery. This type of battery is characterized by its very high energy density, has no memory effect and has a life of approx. 1,000 charging cycles.
The battery can be plugged in as easily as the motor. When snapping, the contacts close and the battery is locked with a key. The battery can be charged both on the wheel and free-standing.

The mounting plate

The mounting plate is the link between the bicycle and the ONwheel motor and is mounted on the bike with only one screw. The plate is designed so that it can be simply screwed onto the mounting plate instead of the bicycle stand. If you do not have a bicycle wheel plate on your bike, it is possible to mount it with an additional kit.

The PAS and the speed sensor are located on the mounting plate as well as the cable with the buttons and the plug & play contact rail to connect the mounting plate to the motor.
In addition, a slewing system is integrated into the mounting plate, which means that the contact pressure of the folded-up motor can be adjusted for the rear tire.


The predefined power levels can be selected via the Powerbuttons. There are 5 power levels available, whereby in the lowest stage the motor is switched to standby. The performance levels can be customized in the app.
In addition to the buttons you will find a USB plug with which you can charge your smartphone or the optionally available LED spotlight. The 3.5mm jack can also be used to connect the optional throttle grip.

Technical data

Technical specifications:

Drive unit

  • Weight 930g
  • Measurements 125x75x50mm
  • Motor 50mm brushless outrunner
  • Power 250W 25km / h max. (Can be switched to 600W 45km / h)
  • Housing CNC machined aluminum

Battery pack

  • Weight 1.6kg (battery alone)
  • Measurements 270x150mm
  • Power 2x98Wh (physically separated)
  • Voltage 22,2V nominal
  • Cell Li Ion

Mounting kit

  • Material aluminum milled
  • Weight 340g
  • Cable length
    • Battery 250mm / 600mm (selectable)
    • Buttons 1100mm
    • PAS 200mm
    • Speed Sensor 300mm
  • Central mounting bolt 10mm
  • Sliding travel carriage system +/- 25mm