As with any product, also the ONwheel can cause problems during operation. Some problems are due to mounting and can usually be easily remedied by yourself.

Before you go to the actual error search, please first check whether the battery is charged and switched on. After the start signal sounds please wait 10 seconds at least and then press the “+” button several times.


  • The engine can now start when the pedals are moved and the rear wheel turns!
  • Do not interfere with the rotating wheel!
  • Clothes could get caught in the engine or rear wheel!
  • Never test the ONwheel on the hanger or the upside down bicycle in the presence of small children.

Step by step Analyse

  • There is no start signal.
    • Check the battery. It must display at least 2 LEDs (red).
    • LEDs go out as soon as the battery is switched on.
      • Please contact support immediately and do not continue to use the product!
  • Only irregular start signals occur
    • Please check the contacts on the motor and clean if necessary.
    • If no improvement occurs, please contact technical customer support.
  • The swing arm stucks
    • Please check if the swing arm is moveable. You should feel a slight spring in the middle.
  • The startup setting is too low
    • To get the motor to the rear wheel, enough torque is necessary on motor startup. You can change the torque in “startup settings” in the app.
    • To keep rubber abrasion to a minimum it should be set as low as possible.
  • Connect to the app and open “Debugging”
    • Check PAS -The PAS must change from “off” to “on” when pedalling.
      If not:

      • Move the PAS closer to the magnets.
      • Check the mounting direction of the PAS! The PAS must be installed as described in the operating instructions. The use of a left PAS on the right side is not possible!
      • The LED must light up after switching on and light up when reverse pedalling,when moving forward there should be hardly noticeable flickering.
      • If the LED flickers, but the app does not change to PAS “on” it can help to bend the contacts on the motor with a fine screwdriver a little higher.
    • Speed – It must be displayed at least 6 km/h when pedalling, the engine does not work below. If the display remains “0 km / h”:
      • Check the speed sensor magnet, this should be max. 10mm distance from the left or right wheel from the sensor (not in the middle).
      • Check the sensor cable, this should not be wrapped around the battery cable.
    • Check + and – button – Pressing should show + or – in the app. If not:
      • Check if the motor is properly put on the bracket. This is the case when the mounting plate on the chain side is flush with the motor.
      • Possibly bend the springs on the engine with a small slotted screwdriver a little upwards.
  • The motor slips out of the mounting plate when driving, so that it loses the contact and switches off.
    • This happens usually due to an irregular mounting of the mounting plate.
      • Please check if the mounting plate on the left side is slightly lower than on the right side. Possibly shim the mounting plate on the right a little bit.
  • Check the speed in the app.
    • If the speed sensor is installed at the operating limit, it can lead to irregular shutdowns, because an irregular speed is measured.
  • Check the PAS in the App when driving.
    • If the distance of the magnet to the PAS is irregular or ‘high’, the results may be incorrect.
  • The ONwheel switches off on my bench
    • When testing without running resistance, the ONwheel accelerates the rear wheel in less than one second above the maximum speed and switches off independently!
      • Please try the motor on the road or an indoor trainer with rolling resistance
  • The motor switches off and does not give a start signal again, even if it is mounted correctly on the mounting plate.
    • There is possibly a board fault. Please contact Technical Support.
  • Check if Bluetooth is enabled.
    • Please type the three points in the upper right corner of the app
    • Select “Connect”.
    • Select your ONwheel. The ONwheel indicates BT or BLE followed by the serial number. You have to use the BT bluetooth device on Android and the BLE bluetooth device on iOS.
  • Please check if the motor has been recognized by the mobile phone. Therfor open the Bluetooth settings in the system of the mobile phone. The ONwheel is displayed with BT- or BLE- followed by the serial number of your ONwheel.
    • If yes, please pair the ONwheel with your mobile phone.
    • If no, please restart the ONwheel and update the display in the mobile phone.
  • When a code is requested, type 123456.
  • If the ONwheel is not shown on several devices, the Bluetooth adapter may be defective. Please try the technical support.

Please first make sure the mobile phone is connected to the ONwheel.

  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Select “Country Settings”
  • Please read the text and confirm checking the checkbox
  • Select the desired settings
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Tap “Send”
  • Check your emails
  • Insert the unlock code into the corresponding field
  • Tap on “Unlock”. Checkbox and settings above must still be set!
  • If the unlock was successful, a brief message will appear

Please make sure that the plug is completely plugged in!
To activate the throttle, proceed in the following way:

  • Press the “-” button several times until you can ensure that the motor is deactivated (power level 0).
  • Turn the throttle to “full flow” and back to the initial position.
  • The throttle is now activated.
  • Repeat for the next trip.

You also have to reach the minimum speed of 6km/h with the power grip so that the ONwheel switches on.