Technical Questions

The ONwheel is designed to have additional power at certain sections. The question is therefore first, how do I use the ONwheel and can not be answered in general.
Mathematically the battery lasts for 60km when driving continuously with 80W power. This is, of course, very theoretical. In practice, it depends on many factors: Weight and contribution of the driver, tire and subsoil, level of height of the hills on the way …. In other words, if I drive with the ONwheel a long gradient and with little condition, the battery can be empty after 7km. If I have a good condition and the ONwheel only helps with one or the other gradient, I can also reach well over 60km.

YES! Each kit has a power regulator that can be mounted on the handlebar. So the motor power can be adjusted in five steps from 0-100%. With the app, however, much more can be done.

  • Adjust the start speed for gently swinging
  • Change country-specific limits with release code
  • Personalize the performance levels
  • Check the motor parameters
  • Maps function

No. For technical reasons, this is not possible with bottom bracket mounted friction drive motors.

No, this is not planned and makes no sense. The power consumption is so low that the driving performance is not really affected. Even radiation technologically a shutdown is meaningless, because of the omnipresent mobile radio transmitter we are constantly exposed to a much higher radiation than the built-in Bluetooth module can ever produce.

When selecting the tires, make sure that the tire has a continuous running track (tire centering). We do not advise to use mountainbike tires with abrasive middle lugs. For a mountain bike, we recommend a tire like the Kenda mountain bike tire with a continuous medium profile.

In the delivery condition, the ONwheel is set so that it stops and folds off the tire when pedalling no longer occurs. When you start pedalling again, the engine runs again and folds to the tire.

In some countries, the engine is allowed to run without pedalling. For this reason, this option can be enabled via the app. Via the optional available accelerator throttle, the power can then be controlled like with a moped. However, if you want to start the engine you always have to pedal at the beginning, since the engine only starts at at least 6 km/h.

No. We have discussed it for a long time whether we should take the extra effort and have come to the conclusion that a motor which is not here is the best theft protection. In fact, e-bikes are a coveted target of thieves and against thieves does not help a lock. This is a reason why the engine was designed in seconds peelable. An e-bike without a motor is worthless for a thief. A “professional” thief would however hardly steal the engine alone, since this is worthless without bracket and battery.

Buying Decision

All ONweels are delivered with a power of 250W and a maximum of 25km/h and are therefore legally operated in almost all countries. The higher power of the engine can only be activated via our app and a license code (Internet connection required). This option is intended to enable higher power levels in countries where this is allowed, e.g. Austria, Switzerland, United States …

However, this is no longer legal in all countries (even if the power preselected over power buttons is still within the limits, the available maximum value counts). Thus, if e.g. on holiday in a region where a higher performance is allowed, the release should then be reset to the allowed limit and be locked. These settings can be done in the app under “Country Settings”.

Currently the ONwheel is only available from a few retailers. We are currently working on an international sales network. By early 2017 we will publish an interactive map, where we will announce direct sellers.

The app is now available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for free download. In addition, there are now also apps from third-party vendors.

There is no requirement for type approval for certain pedelecs: Since 9th November 2003, the new EU Directive 2002/24/EC on the type testing of two- and three-wheel vehicles has been applied in all EU Member States.

According to Chapter I Art. 1 para. 1 of this Directive, a Member State may not impose an obligation to type-approval, for bicycles with pedestrian assistance, be equipped with an auxiliary electromotive drive with a maximum rated output of 0,25 kW, the assistance of which is progressively reduced as the vehicle speed increases and when the speed reaches 25 km/h or earlier, even for their components and technical units, provided that they are not intended for incorporation in motor vehicles for the purposes of this Directive.

The ONwheel is estimated to be mounted on 80% of all mid-class bicycles. If the ONwheel does not fit your bike, we will take it back within 14 days. However, you should be sure that the “try” does not cause any traces of use. Nevertheless sometimes a misfortune happens and we will send you an offer for a value compensation.

Please note, however, that we have no option to take back a used engine after 14 days. So you should test immediately after receipt of the motor whether the ONwheel can be mounted or not.

Does the ONwheel fit my bike?

Unfortunately, no. But we will devote ourselves to the topic in the future! Please stay in contact

Unfortunately, this can not be answered in general, since it depends always on the suspension. Generally, however, it is rarely possible.

Please see the page “Possibilities of Mounting”. In doubt, please send us a picture of the area between the bottom bracket and the rear wheel from below.


This is not a problem because the engine is touching the tire and is therefore not involved in the power transmission of the chain.

Unfortunately, no. There may be exceptions, but usually there is not enough space between the bottom bracket and the rear wheel to mount the engine with the current mounting plate. In addition, the crank arms are so close to the bearings that no sensor plate can be mounted.

However, we are working on a version for carbon bikes. Stay tuned

There is always the problem that the bracing plates of the chain guard are in the way of the PAS. However, if the magnetic disk for the PAS can be mounted on the left side, this is no problem. Please thereby refer to page mounting.

Currently unfortunately no. We are working on a solution and will soon be able to present a solution.